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Vita Nova

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The passion of the Italian cooking!

VITA NOVA transports you in Italy the time of a meal. Here, the Italian cooking does not have secret anymore! Rich in its various flavors, with products brought sometimes specially by Italy, our traditional Italian cooking is revisited according to moment, the seasons, the inspiration of our chef, for your most great pleasure, to bring you every time an ultimate satisfaction. Native and native of Venice, DIEGO TESO the owner of the place and the big enthusiast by the cooking of its country, has the art and the way of sharing with you some accents of Venetian accents, through his its various specialities. Furthermore, his welcome and his kindness will not leave unmoved you. You will discover in your restaurant VITA NOVA, an excellent value for money, a place filled with sweetness and with conviviality, a cheerful atmosphere as well as a rich menu in choice of traditional Italian dishes; Fish or meat according to your desires, always prepared with a big passion, by keeping all the authenticity of the real Italian cooking of former days. Our fresh pasta and pizzas cooked in the wood fire also reserve you of pleasant culinary surprises!

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Word of the Owner Who is DIEGO TESO?

Above all and undoubtedly, a real enthusiast, who knew how to share with you, for 12 years in Marrakesh, its biggest passion; the Italian cooking of its country. DIEGO TESO is a man who treats you for three beautiful years in the VITA NOVA with all his faithful team, who was formed by him even for more than 10 years. Of Italian origin, born in Venice, where he had lived and created a restaurant. To know about it a little more about DIEGO; other passions which drive him are among others, the live performance, the theater and the cinema and make of him this passionate person whom we have the opportunity to know. Quickly, the passion for the real Italian traditional cooking takes him, and he decided to open the VITA NOVA in the heart of Marrakesh, with a menu of selected and exclusively Italian suggestions, to the delicious flavors!